A word of the authoress

My daughter Nora, aged 25, expressed the desire to visit Namibia with her mom, aged 65, to get more familiar with the country and its people. This initiative has touched me deeply because nowadays the contrast between young and old is particularily stressed. We have however experienced Namibia together in a self-organized journey, learning deeper mutual consideration, discovering new strengths with the other one and using them for the success of this somehow adventurous project.

For us the success of our journey lays beyond the enthusiasm for nature and cultural beauties by looking behind the scenes like how the life of humans actually looks like in Namibia, their struggle for daily bread, their opinions, modes of thinking, traditions and to get these information straight from the source.

We held therefore talks as much as possible with people we met during our journey. The fact that my husband and I have been carrying out interviews for market researches regarding automation technology for more than twenty years helped me in some way.

I understand the term “sustainability”, which is rightly much used, in a sense of friendship with other people, creating lasting contacts for the better mutual understanding and benefit. This is the reason for this journey, for this book and for this website.

Personally the book grants a peek through the keyhole what may happening to two women during such a journey and on the happy moments, they experienced.