The African Vocals

The African Vocals are a song group from Namibia with performances also in Germany.

Good News for all Africa-Friends

The African Vocals are touring through Germany. You should take the opportunity to see these skilled young people if possible.

What makes them special in my view, they have been grown up in poorest life conditions in the township of Swakopmund/Namibia but having trained themselves in understanding and performing music. After all they scoured in a national music compitition 5th of 250 groups.

They do their living through performances at festivals such as weddings. At the same time, as an experienced song group, they pass on their knowledge to children of their township free of charge and contribute to the costs for their further musical education.

For me the African Vocals are a lively example for giving a vivid perspective of a grassroot movement to overcome the splitting of nowaddays society into poor and rich.

Brief introduction for the Xhosa language

Katrina is giving a short introduction in the Xhosa languange with its particular click sounds, which is one of the most complicated topic for Europeans because of the completely unusual sounds.

Miriam Makeba, a famous African singer, complained once about that this language is taken hardly seriously in the remaining world, instead is understood rather funny. How would it affect us, if one hilariously mad fun over prefixes of our words? The click sounds have likewise an important function for the word formation.