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It happened at half time of our two weeks in Namibia. With our station wagon we were already on the way toward Epupa at 7 o'clock very early in the morning. Suddenly on the sandy road the car came to hurl, first easily, then more strongly…

I had already experienced this happening several times and in each case avoiding strong steering movements and brake actions. However, this time the hurl was becoming so extreme that I didn’t know any longer whether I should cling to the steering wheel or trying a countersteering movement.

Anything was of no avail as the wheels didn’t react to any steering movement, in fact, in a sharp right turn the car was directly steering into a heap of sand being laterally filled up. The car overrolled itself, due to the speed that was suddenly broken by the heap of sand.

I was just feeling my head pushing against the roof, hearing a loud rattling and then a braking stop. Nora is crying immediately: Mom are you okay? and I also ask her directly whether she is ok.

Stating that we both are obviously unhurt, we are first getting off the car and are speechless. That this has happened to us! After one role around its own axle the car is standing again on wheels in the field.

At first we both were so confused that we couldn’t think clearly. That was continuing until the first car was driving along the road. Now we both were becoming immediately lively by beckoning the car energetically to us. The car also stopped immediately and five men and a woman are getting off the car coming over to us, asking concerned about any injuries, stroking us reassuring over our arms.


Selflessly hellping people

We are experiencing an affecting helpfulness by these coincidental aides, without them we would hardly have found out from the mess by our own strength. Many new questions are piling up before us: is the car still ready to start? which must now happen opposite to the car rental service, how getting along as we are far from each city and finally: Is that now the end of our journey?

The book describes the events in detail on the pages 105 to 118.


  • Katrina M Garises Reply

    This Is the real Namibians.I hope to get the book soon

    • Zilli Reply

      You are so right! Without the help of those Namibians we were really lost. So, thank you again to all.

  • Zilli Reply

    Hallo dear Mr Quest und Nora
    Thanks for your E-mail. Yes, that is very good news. I have been showing the eMail to Norbert and we will look up your web site in a relaxed atmosphere. We are doing well.
    All our love to you and to Nora. Thanks
    Uschi Schweizer
    für / for
    Mona and Norbert Irlich
    Pegasus Car & Camper Hire

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