World women from Namibia

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World Women? Yes, also in Namibia women think internationalistically. Thus two delegates made themselves on the way to the World Women’s Conference of grassroot women in March 2016. There 74 World Women from 40 countries discussed how everyone can make progress with women’s rights and thus the society in its own country.

Becoming acquainted with the Namibian World Women, the exchange with them over their lifes and their struggle was an important concern for us on this journey.

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    Patricia Gurubes writes:

    Hi Zilli
    I’m doing well here in Namibia. I’m so happy to hear that your book has been published, looking forward to get a copy. Yes I will check it on the website. It must be exciting, we will sent you more stories from Namibia Rural Women’s Assembly to be publish as we will appreciate support in any form for our planned launch in October.

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