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Dear reader, this travel report is a bit different.

My 25-year old daughter Nora expressed the desire to travel together with her mom, 65 years old, to Namibia to become familiar with country and people. This initiative touched me deeply.

So you get to know on over 200 pages with 65 pictures what is happening when two women are driving 2,100m with a rented combi for two weeks across Namibia. Route, overnight accomodation, meal and guidance – everything was organized by ourselves from beginning to end. That was not only exciting and sometimes also adventurous but brought us constantly in contact with humans.

These contacts were particularly important to us. We wanted to experience from the humans we encounter during our journey about their lives, their opinions, their struggle for their daily bread. The situation of the women in occupation and family formed an emphasis of our discussions. So this travel report is based on personal experiences and discussions guiding the information given to the situation in the country.

Of course, this report also tells our experiences with nature and animals in Namibia. Experiencing a freely living animal world is a tremendous event. Sometimes we got really frightened.

I do hope together with Namibia’s  humans for a positive future for the population, the nature and the animal world.

2 reviews for Travel Report Namibia Book

  1. Ute Seipelt

    The book is really interesting, it has brought me Namibia closer. It is very well written. I gave it to my girlfriend, who will read it and then pass it on to other girlfriends. Without the book, I would not have dealt with Namibia.

  2. Christoph Schweitzer

    The book about the Namiba trip is written enjoyable. It contains a good mix of individual experiences together with social backgrounds, which are important for understanding the country. I highly recommend the book.

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