Women unite worlds – Women’s Political Council from 1 – 3 Nov. 2019 in Erfurt, Germany

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Every woman (and man) is needed in the fight against the manifold crisis burdens on us.

A roll back of women’s rights is becoming more and more widespread in many countries. We are also confronted with a growing hostility towards women. To discuss this, to develop also with international guests and counter-strategies, six Workshops on the advice give opportunity:

“Women and Work”, “Youth and Education”, “International Affairs, Fugitives and Migration”, “Women and the Environment”, “Family and Lifestyles”, “Social Perspectives and Visions” and “Imperialism – strangler of women worldwide”.

All this can be discussed on an equal footing in a democratic culture of conflict based on ideological openness. Let us also learn to be role models in the confrontation with hatred.

All information on https://frauenpolitischerratschlag.de/international/english

Be there!

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