Women’s Project Penduka

At most diverse places of Namibia woman projects sprout from the ground. That is indeed bitterly necessary in a country, in which almost half of the women are the lonely breadwinner for the family.

Therefore also our first and only preplanned destination was Penduka, such a Women project.

House of Penduka

Penduka lies pictorial at a lake with the background of a mountain range.

Penduka offers single parent women in „the black capital “, the township, or also slum, in Katatura, training and employment opportunities. Here abilities are trained, which may inable the women to a small money making. The project is already existing for 25 years with 500 women still qualified. Those women on their part are ment to be able to spread their knowledge.

There is a glass ornamentation studio (where broken glass pieces are being assembled to decorations), a pottery and furthermore a textile branch with a sewing and the print of tissues.

Besides for travelers in groups as well as for single tourists are being offered sleep possibilities and a restaurant enterprise.


Breakfast with church people from Botswana

Even here we succeeded in establish contacts which we can develop further from home.